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"Scribbles without a purpose"

By Silvia Scifo

I launched Siscribbles at the end of 2019 when, after a few stressful days at work, I started scribbling on my notebook as a form of relief. I discovered I could make face-like illustrations out of a continuous line and I haven't stopped since. Every scribble is fast, once the pen is down on paper, it needs to keep going. It’s creative chaos - nothing is excessively planned.

Siscribbles is about wholesomeness, freedom and artistic confidence. I never thought I’d be an illustrator, I got into digital design because I like art but believed I couldn’t draw. I want people to see that even quirky and imperfect doodles can be considered art.

Photos and video by Align Media

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Siscribbles is committed to sustainability and eco-consciousness


The making and shipping of every product will always be as low-waste and plastic-free as possible


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