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"Scribbles without a purpose"

By Silvia Scifo

It all started with me feeling frustrated and wanting to have a more freeing experience and distraction from the design industry where there’s inevitably always someone saying “Why is this like this?”, “You should try this instead”, “Can you change this little thing?”, “What’s the reason behind this decision?”.

I do not want that with my art, there are no questions asked.

I launched Siscribbles at the end of 2019 when, after a few stressful days at work, I started scribbling on my notebook as a form of relief. I discovered I could make face-like illustrations out of a continuous line and I haven't stopped since. Every scribble is fast, once the pen is down on paper, it needs to keep going. It’s creative chaos - nothing is excessively planned.

Siscribbles is about wholesomeness, freedom and artistic confidence. I never thought I’d be an illustrator, I got into digital design because I like art but believed I couldn’t draw. I want people to see that even quirky and imperfect doodles can be considered art.

Photos and video by Align Media

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Siscribbles is committed to sustainability and eco-consciousness


The making and shipping of every product will always be as low-waste and plastic-free as possible


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